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Profiles of our ultra-fab, so-cool-we're-hot dining critics, how the restaurants are graded, and everything else you've always wanted to know.

The latest entry in the review blog features 17 Noir, written by our newest team member, Daphne Choi.  The restaurant is located in the casinos of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Read all about it here.

Interested in contributing?  Post your own review here.  Then let your eyes gloss over the wonderful world of food - pictures, recipes and links galore.


Notice the brand-spanking new design of 32avenue? You'd better: many keyboards and mice paid the ultimate sacrifice for it.  There are a lot of changes around here, including really snazzy graphics and even a partnership with Google to enable searching our reviews, so please lower your driving speed and turn on your fog lights. There's a lot of construction.

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